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Current Projects

The "In Another Life" Series - Horror, Fantasy; With sensitive and explicit adult themes.

  • Book 1 

Generations after the nazi's lost Europe but conquered America, both Jewish and Magical descendants live in fear. A magical girl was adopted years ago by a family high in the ranks of government. All this time she has made staying hidden her main priority. But has started to question what is more important: staying hidden or doing the right thing?

  • Companion Novel

A fresh new perspective: what if becoming the hero of your own story makes you the Villain?

"In a Sleepy Little Town" - Horror, Supernatural, Crime; With sensitive and adult themes. 

The ShadowMan has been the nightmare all supernaturals fear for the last 30 years. No one knows his identity. And no one has ever escaped him. Until now...

John and Kara have escaped the ShadowMan after years of captivity, What if he finds them? What if he kills them? Worse yet, what if he takes them back?

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