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In the Shadow of the Moon

Updated: Aug 13

In the Shadow of The Moon seemed to be one of those old cop movies from the 80’s most of us don’t understand anymore. And in a sense, it is. But, at the same time, it is so much more than that!

When I first saw this trailer in Netflix I thought “Oh nice! A cop supernatural movie! Haven’t watched one of those in a while!”

So there I went, to watch my vampire and cops movie. And then… No Vampires! I was disappointed for around 30 seconds because I do love my vampires! However, this movie gets you glued in for the entire sequence, without overwhelming you with the Sci-fi effects like some movies do.

I can say that I really enjoyed this movie, even if the ending was guessable.

In my opinion, if you like a bit of mystery and sci-fi put together this one is a must watch.

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