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Updated: Aug 13

Once upon a time there was small fox.

The little fox: wandered and wandered: From village to village. In search of something: what it was – She did not know.

As she continued her voyage, time passed and passed, and, soon the little fox had grown big and beautiful: with a lithe silhouette and shinning red fur.

Once upon a time, there was a sleek fox: who traveled and traveled, who searched and searched; but for what: she could not tell! And around the earth she went: around and around, again and again, always traveling the same circle in different paths.

Once upon a time, there was a cunning fox, who ran and ran across the earth, circle after circle after circle. Until one day it traveled no more: it what found what it was looking for.

Once upon a time, there was a fox with fur the colour of fire, traveling down a path the colour of clay. At the end of the path it found a structure the colour of mahogany: a cottage, it believed the two legged animals called it.

The fox walked and walked, across hallways and into rooms. Something seemed to pull it further and further into the darkness: to the centre of the house, where a large bed lay: a dark figure resting upon it.

As she got closer the fox felt a greater and greater attraction. Cautiously, she approached and jumped on the mattress. Its wet nose wondering what that wonderful smell was. Suddenly something weighted and moved on its head.

The dark figure on the bed was a two legs! A two legs who lifted it and put it down on soft bendable flesh. The fox was tense, waiting for the larger animal to attack her. The two legs’ hands softly rubbed the fox’s ruby fur leaving a tingling feeling – wherever they passed!

Once upon a time, there was a small fox who grew while traveling in search of something – she knew not what. She traveled and traveled, and, time passed and passed, around her generations lived and died, and still, she kept running and running, searching and searching; until one day she found – but what was found: she could not tell!

Once upon a time, a cunning fox entered the lair of a two legs and wondered: what it would be like to walk and move as they did.

Once upon a time, there was a cunning fox who felt herself expand as a two legs petted her. It expanded and expanded, the worth of hundreds of years of travels, changing and shifting.

Once upon a time, there was what had once been a fox, who traveled and traveled; who wished and wished; who shifted and shifted until fox it was no more: the birth of the Trickster…


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