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On “I am Mother”

Updated: Aug 13

I am Mother, directed by Grant Sputore, is an Australian Sci-fi thriller that could be so much more, but at the same time, it hits the spot.

The movie begins with a Robot – Mother – raising a young child – daughter – and throughout the entire movie none of the characters is provided with a different name.

The Prologue gives us a feel at Daughter’s education is like and the movie itself starts when she’s a teenager and meets another human for the very first time. The story continues by giving Daughter Nature VS Nurture type choices, when the human tries to turn Daughter against Mother and Mother tries to turn daughter against the human woman (played by Hillary Swank), until eventually the truth is revealed to Daughter and she once again chooses what path to take.

Personally, I liked this movie, even though the premises presented were not out of the ordinary. In my opinion this motion picture succeeded in being a very good and well played social critique, not only in the point of how far technology will and should be developed (that old conundrum!), but also, what are we doing to the planet and each-other?

Give it a second thought…

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