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The Ghost Bride, A Year of Wonders and New Readings…

Updated: Aug 13

When I first heard of the Book “The Ghost Bride” (Yangsze Choo) I was super excited. The book seemed to be one of my favorite categories and the story itself sounded interesting. I must admit I did not finish it.

Culturally speaking the book is very interesting as the author explains a lot of the cultural details surrounding the practices that take place, however, the main character reads as an empty plank – she has no personality whatsoever and despairs a lot at everything that happens. She is the eternal damsel in distress and her behavioural patterns are always the same – as I said, I did not finish the book, so it could have improved!

For the last month I’ve been reading “A Year of Wonders” (Geraldine Brooks), which is a tale of the Black Plague, told in the point of view of a Village Girl, Anna, as her village succumbs and quarantines itself as not to spread the disease.

This book is a historical novel, and showcases the best and the worst of human nature, and, what lengths we can go to in our despair. I really enjoyed the tale and development of plot as little by little we can see how life changed for the characters, who are themselves extremely well portrayed. The writing is also very good and thought out. The only thing I did not really like about the work was the ending, but, not because it is badly written.

If you’re a fan of historical novels, please, read this book. It is very good! And who knows? You might enjoy the ending!

Currently I have started “The Last Wish” and “The Graveyard Book“, two works that are nothing like the two discussed above. So far I’m enjoying both plot and writing styles.

If you’re a fan or have read of any of works above, please, feel free to let me know your thoughts on them!




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