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The Memorist

Updated: Aug 13

The Memorist is a South Korean Drama based on a webtoon with the same name by Jae Hoo, starring Yoo Seung-Ho (I am not a Robot), Lee Se-Young ( A Korean Odyssey) and Jo Sung-Ha (The K2). The focus of the Drama is a police investigation led by a Detective with the ability to read people’s memories and a talented Criminal Profiler: Han Sun-Mi.

To be very honest, when I first decided to watch this show, I was sure I would neither like it, nor finish it. I was expecting it to be another one of those criminal shows that have a great base idea, but are not properly developed. None-the less, due to the excellent cast I decided to give it a shot.

I’m extremely glad to say: I was completely wrong! What I found was a gritty show with content and great development in terms of both story and characters. The plot is ever evolving, leaving you guessing until the last minute. For 15 episodes, every time you think you’ve finally figured out who the real villain is, you’re wrong. Every time! It has been a long time since this has happened to me and I loved it!

I loved the way the leads and antagonists were developed, but must confess, the villain must take the trophy home for this one, as this character is without a doubt successfully written and shrouded in pain, anger and a sharp mind that keeps a revenge strain ongoing for 20 years.

The antagonists convince you they’re the good guy until the truth hits you like a stone. Some of them you’re convinced are wretched, until you see them turn to the greater good. The point here, is that for every turning point in the lives of these characters you’re able to understand why they made the choices they made.

All along this drama, you’ll find beautiful simbologies in the form of events and characters, here are some examples:

Dong Baek is our hero archetype, daring and easygoing, but filled with a hunger for justice, sometimes leaping and following his instincts without reserve, but brilliant in his own right.

Han Sun-Mi could also be described as a hero, however, she relies heavily on facts and profiles. Being a child genius she has gone far in her career and is the first to point out there is Serial Killer afoot.

Many other characters have very important roles along the plot, however, the one I would classify as a true believer is Kang Ji-Eun, a reporter in a known news outlet she is a fan of Dong Baek and a firm believer the truth should always prevail, no matter what.

As I previously stated, I very much enjoyed this drama and advise it to all those who enjoy crime series with a well developed plot and a bit of fantasy in the mix.


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