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Updated: Aug 13

She caressed the wolf's ears. His snow-white fur was as soft as feathers, his blue eyes blinked in laziness and the witch sat in the muddy ground, her legs becoming stained with it.

“What is your name, I wonder?” she asked amused and the wolf nuzzled her leg with his wet nose “Shall I guess?” she cocked her head and a flow of red hair covered part of her face. She pulled it around her neck and over one shoulder “Would it be Rufus?” one hand scratched the beast’s head playfully. “No! That’s too gruff for such a lovely creature… How about Brandon?” She removed her hand.

The white fur began to shrink, the skin changed and the body re-shaped itself as the creature groaned in agony.

Soon a human man was in its place.

He rose and approached the witch.

“The wolf shall always remain under thy human guise, but the human shall bleed away on your true form. Only then, on the 3 days of the full moon will you be able to make your pack…”

The female form shimmered away before ‘Brandon’ had time to even blink; there was more work to be done…

Once upon a time, a lone wolf saved a witch, asking only for a pack in return.

As the saying goes: careful with what you wish for!


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